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Foot & Sock Sensation 
Scene 1. We open with Nick smoking a cigar while Donnie Russo tickles his feet. Nick keeps smoking while he fantasizes about Donnie. Then he begins thinking about Gino worshipping his feet and the thought of that, is getting him really turned on. All this foot massaging and boot licking is a spectacular thrill to watch.
Scene 2. Gino comes to shine Nick shoes just before Nick arrives to a big corporate meeting. Gino gets carried away with Nicks feet and soon Nick's cock is in his mouth. The both get so aroused that they shoot their loads and Nick tells him he will be calling him again soon.
Scene 3. Nick comes home after a hard day and massages his feet. He gets so excited by playing with his sweaty, smelly feet and socks that he shoots a big load. Nick is not yet finished and keeps on playing with his socks and feet and gets so excited again, that he shoots one more load. This is Nick’s favorite solo scene. This is the type of scene Nick is famous for. Where he is alone with the camera and as if he makes you feel like you are there with him.
Scene 4. Donnie wants to sniff Nick’s workout shoes after Nick has had a long sweaty workout. Nick has been using the same old dirty socks for a few days for pig like Donnie Russo. Donnie sniffs them proclaiming that” those dogs have been working. Nick is smoking a Cigar while Donnie is worshipping Nick's feet. They both get so super excited and Donnie cums to a violent ending.
Scene 5. Master Rob comes home after a hard workout at the gym, he gets undressed and falls asleep on the couch. Aldo the burglar breaks into Rob’s apartment while he is asleep. Aldo startles Rob by slamming a draw shut and as Rob awakens Aldo knocks him on his head with a pipe. He then takes his clothes off and begins worshipping his feet again. Rob cock.  Rob awakens and Aldo grabs his clothes and run out of the apartment running naked down the hall. Rob doesn’t know what happened except for his head is hurting. 2 hrs. *RATED XXX

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