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ROOFTOP TICKLER  Nick Harmon and Donnie Russo are doing some electrical repair on a building roof top. While Donnie walks over to his tool box to pick up some of his tools he accidentally trips and injures his foot. Nick who has some medical experience convinces Donnie to let him help him by tapping up his feet together to prevent any swelling. Nick takes total advantage of his injured victim and slowly tickles Donnie's sensitive feet while Donnie tries to his best to get away. Nick tickle tortures his feet and gets some of his tools to drive Donnie into a tickle frenzy.
TICKLERS DREAM   Donnie Russo throws himself on his bed after a long hard workout at the gym and begins to slowly fall asleep. Nick comes along and notices Donnie and takes out his rope and ties up his feet before he has any chance of waking up. Nick tickles Donnie's feet, sides, cock and balls while Donnie works on Nick's throbbing hard cock all the way into his wet mouth. Donnie sucks Nick's hard cock and shoots an intense load while being feathered and tickled all over his body. 1 hr. *RATED X  This film features a brief preview clip. Please be sure to allow for this clip to download properly.

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