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Price: $15.00
Item Number: RN-01
tax free
Tony Ganapolis is out looking for a new apartment for himself and responds to a posting in the classifieds about a very inexpensive small renovated studio for rent that is currently available. After arriving to the address that was giving to him by the rental office, Tony unexpectedly runs into a buffed building superintendent played by Nick Harmon. Nick at first is a bit reluctant on showing the place without a licensed realtor around but decides to let Tony see it regardless. While Tony is busy checking out the place, he begins to ask Nick a whole bunch of questions and somehow gets Nick a bit annoyed. Tony lights up a cigarette while offering a smoke to Nick. Calmly as they are both smoking and talking, Tony wanders off to check out the new renovated bathroom, thats when Nick grabs Tony from behind and appears to knock him out with chloroform. Once knocked out and on the floor, Nick removes Tony's clothes off and slowly begins to torture his nipples while smacking him around. Nick rubs his hard cock up against the boys cute little ass as he strokes his cock while straddling over his limp body. Nick then strokes Tony's cock and gets him to shoot his load while Nick constantly pinches his nipples. This film offers bondage and nipple play. 25 MINS  *RATED XXX