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Staring Nick Harmon, Wayne Rogers, Rick Alenti, Special guest appearance by Peter Sparrow and Victor Stonewall filmed live at the Lure. The film opens with a very young and inexperienced Nick Harmon as Wayne Rogers mummifies him then gut punches, claps his nipples, puts clothes pins on his balls and then using a vacuum to suck his balls dry. This is one of Nick’s first experiences as he was on the road to becoming the King of Kink. Wayne takes full advantage of the situation and pumps, sucks and probes Nick before he explodes into a climax at the pleasure of teaching Nick so many new tricks. In the next scene Master Nick Mummifies Rick Alenti and ties him up and gut punches him until Rick can take it any more. Master Nick then gets help from Wayne as they hoist Rick up and cut him out of his mummification. The both take turns probing and fucking Rick and until they all shoot their loads of pleasure. The film ends with a mummification scene filmed live on the night of the closing party for PORK at the LURE. This hot and very erotic live footage reminds us as to why The LURE closed it’s doors forever. New York lost it best leather Bar which will be hard to duplicate or replace. This film offers everything you could want with the fetish. 2 HR *RATED XXX   
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