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Item Number: MM2-01
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Nick quickly choloforms a hunky bodybuilder and injects a special syrum into the victim which will make him very stiff and unable to do anything. The victim played by Diesel soon begins to feel the effect of the drug and can no longer speak or move. Nick slowly moves the mannequin in various positions before he slowly undesses his victim. Diesel is extremely upset by being touched and groped and he is unable to do anything about it, but moan in distaste. Nick repeatedly touches his victims chest, stomach and arms. Nick gropes the victims cute ass and cock thru his tight white underwear while laughing at Diesel knowing that he is a homophobic. Nick seems to enjoy calling Diesel his personal fuck doll and taunts him as to how he will soon rape his virgin ass.  30 mins running time. *RATED R   *Available on Pay Per View.