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Price: $15.00
Item Number: ITI1-01
tax free
Nick is very pissed off and decides to hire Jesse to wipe out his old business partner Roger Beaumont. Nick explains to Jesse that Roger will be checking into a nearby hotel and he wants Jesse to finish the job. Jesse sneaks into Rogers room way before he even has the chance to check in. Once he's in the room, Jesse hides inside a closet hoping to surprise Roger and finish him off. Roger arrives in the room and the struggle turns ugly. Jesse uses a necktie to choke Roger and after several gruelling minutes, Roger is begining to look lifeless. Jesse thinks he finally finished the job getting Roger out of the way. Jesse begins to clean up so it doesn't look so suspicious and to wipe off any prints he may have eft on the furniture. But after a few minutes, Roger wakes up and ambushes Jesse. After a few minutes of struggling to get free from Rogers tight grip around his neck, Jesse passes out and Roger quickly drags him into the tub hoping to wake him up. Jesse finally wakes up not realizing what happened. Roger decides to choke him some more and submerge his head into the water holding him down for as long as he can. After choking Jesse to unconsciousness, Roger drags Jesse's lifeless body out of the tub and throws him on to his bed where he rips his clothes off and precedes to fuck Jesse's hairy ass. The two really go at it as Roger fucks, smacks and abuses his intruder. *Rated X   60 mins.