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Two hostile intruders break into a hotel room in the middle of the night while the guest, (Paul Anderson) was fast asleep. Muscle hunk Nick Harmon repeatedly slaps Paul in the face to wake him up while his buddy Wayne Rogers holds him down for some physical abuse. The tag team duo shake down and beat on Paul body in hopes to get some quick cash. Paul who is quickly taken by surprise during this vicious attack refuses to cooperate. Wayne and Nick who thought he was an easy prey begin to lose their cool and start to punch, kick, and spit on their victim. The severe beating that Paul is getting almost appears as if he's unresponsive to pain. The attack continues for a peroid of time and defenseless victim receives even more humiliation as the two men take turns urinating on his naked body. Finally Wayne decides to take a dump in Paul's mouth as Nick is tightly holding Paul's arm from getting away. This intense scene ends after Wayne pounds his huge cock up Paul's ass and shoots his load just before fleeing the scene. 30 mins. *RATED XXX  This film features a brief video clip. Please allow for this clip to download properly.

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new film "MANNEQUIN MAN"