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Nick Harmon, Derrick Hanson and TRIPPLE MAN, the masked man are about to test the strength of Stonehedge XXL. We had tested the powerful 310 pound Stone before but never against 3 guys. Derrick is a martial arts champion and has fists made out of concrete. Nick is also into martial arts and will first try and see what damage he can do to Derrick. After throwing a few punches to Derrick, we see Nick and Derrick go head to head with Stone. Stone doesn't seem to get hurt and they finally call for Masked Man to help them. Masked throws punches to Stone's gut and even beats him with a steel club.  The menacing gut punchers take turns and then tag team the gigantic Stonehedge hoping they can bring him down to his knees. Punch after punch, kick after kick, pounding after pounding, Stonehedge is one POWERFUL muscle hunk.  *RATED PG  30 Mins