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Price: $15.00
Item Number: CFT-01
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This hot foot worship film features Justin Veron is in his living room watching tv and reading his notes from school. Justin has a 2 hour test on monday that he needs to study for. While Justin continues to study, an intruder (Cameron Kenkade ) sneaks up from behind with chloroform and subdues his victim.  Once Justin is knocked out cold, Cameron quickly ties him to the bed and begins to grab what ever valuables he can get his hands on. After looking around and taking what he wants, Cameron begins to head back to Justin and begins to smell and lick his feet. Cameron loves big feet and Justin is sporting a size 12. Cameron slowly takes his clothes off and strokes his hard cock while sucking his victims dick. While Cameron is worshipping those big feet, Justin begins to wake up and Cameron grabs the bottle of chloroform and knocks him out again. Cameron wastes no time licking and sucking Justin's feet. Cameron can't hold off much longer and shoots his huge load on Justin's foot before grabbing his stuff and leaving the room. 30 mins  *RATED X