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Box Belted & Boned - VOLUME 3 -The most incredible new film of the year that mixes live boxing performances along with some very private events starring this hot cast of models, Nick Harmon, Rob Rossi, Rod Shields, Master Rob, Big Mike, Little Joe and the sensational Raquel. 
Scene 1  - Master Rob and little Joe dressed in police uniforms live at the Splash bar are having an altercation and Rob beats the crap out of Joe and then cuffs while hitting him with his night stick. Next, Master Rob takes on Big Mike in a live gut punching fight at the Eagle.
Scene 2 - Nick and Rob Rossi go at it in a boxing match that ends with a surprise knockout. Rob Rossi gets a very erotic massage by Sexy Raquel. Rob gets so hard from her touch that he has to get in the shower just to cool off.
Scene 3 - The group is working out at the gym with Rob Rossi stretching and doing splits while Atlas is posing for the camera. Atlas gets so turned by seeing his huge muscles in the mirror that he decides to jack off and shoots a huge load.
Scene 4 - Nick and Raquel are alone in the gym. Raquel is trying to get Nicks attention. Once they make eye contact, the cloths come off. They have hot sex on the bench until they both cum and Nick shoots a huge load all over Raquel’s face. Watch so many action packed scenes where the boys go nuts hitting one another and squirting the biggest loads we ever seen. Never before footage featuring boxing, gut punching and street fighting. 1 and 30mins. *RATED XXX

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new film "MANNEQUIN MAN"