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Nick Harmon meets up with a young muscle jock (Marc Delenor) from the local gym and decides to bring him back home to his play room. Nick quickly gets on his knees and begins to slowly lick Marc's sexy innie belly button. Nick slurps, kisses and probes Marc's belly using his fingers and his long, wet tongue. Nick gets extremely excited by all this licking and pulls out his hard, pulsating cock. Marc gets very turned on by having his belly button licked and the bulge in his briefs is about to bust. After switching into a few different posistions, Nick can't handle the heat any longer and pops his load without even touching himself. Nick shoots his thick load on Marc's chest while Marc begins to stroke his hard, throbbing cock. Marc is on his knees licking Nick's belly button while jerking off. Nick then places Marc on the workout bench and starts flexing his big arms. Nick strikes a few poses for his beffy buddy as Marc pumps his cock vigurously. Marc finally explodes to a powerful orgasm and his load lands all over his sexy, innie belly button. Nick ends the film tickling Marc's belly button with his hot cum still there. This film features lots of belly licking, belly kissing and belly tickling with 2 cum shots *RATED X  48 Mins