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Nick Harmon is on vacation with his buddy Jack Michaels during the hot summer month of June and they decide to soak up some sun while relaxing for a few days in a golf resort. Nick and Jack have a quick chat at the breakfast table before Nick heads over to the local gym in the morning. Jack stays in the room finishing up some work on his laptop while enjoying his morning coffee. After a few minutes of typing, Jack falls asleep and begins to dream about Nick's hot ass. While Jack is out cold, Nick pumps up his beautiful, tanned body as he performs set after set on the weights. Jack's imagination runs wild as he fantasizes about Nick playing with his ass. Nick loves to show off his muscles while Jack spreads his ass apart and eats his manhole. Nick is so turned after having his ass licked that he blows a huge load all over Jack's face. Nick sits on Jack's face while Jack strokes his cock and he continues to fantasize about Nick shoving a dildo up his ass. Jack shoots a thick load while sniffing Nick's ass as he is laid out on the table.  Nick finishes his workout and heads back to the room and notices Jack is sleeping. Nick leans over and wakes up Jack and the two beging to chat about what could Jack possibly be dreaming about.  This film offers 3 cum scenes. *RATED X 30 mins

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new film "MANNEQUIN MAN"